Dear Fiends

I am Shaji Alex, One of the top performing VLE of Akshaya E Kendra in Kannur District Kereala. I have started my Akshaya E Kendra in 2006 in Angadikadavu a location in Ayyankunnu Panchayath. It is a remote area and is located in Karnataka Border as well as it is a Hilly area. The population in this area is very very low. When I started the center. i faced several difficulties such as Electricity problem, Network problems etc. But we solved these things in fast and adequate manner by providing 2 days backup inverter and optical fiber for network and additional connection as stand-by.

When the work is increased  we created this website for maintain the news links for the staff purpose. It reduces the effort of staff to identify the service and get the links to provide the service. In this website there are more than around 72 website links maintained for the speedy service to the public.There are other features such as News, Downloads, Question and answers etc for staff.

Now we  provide better service to the public who come under our area. People from remote area is also willing to our center for service. But the barrier is the traveling difficulties    Now we can proud that we are providing the best service to the customers in most advanced and effective way.

So we need a power full vision to the future. Every thing will change accordingly, so we hope that, we will also change accordingly. So accept the change. When you are slower in the changing community. You will become older, then become oldest, then will fall on the future. So we can accept the changes with a positive energy.

I am happy to help you as I know and as I can.

 Wish you all the best

Shaji Alex