Akshaya E Kendra is the Kerala Government Project under IT mission for empower the people in Kerala in all means. By providing Government or Private service to them. It is a PPP model and under Central Government e-Governance Project it is  the CSCs

What is The PPP Model

The PPP model means Public Private Partnership. What it means is one partner of this project is Public means the Government. Other Partner is the Village Level entrepreneur(VLE). It means A Partnership between Government and VLE to setup and provide the service to the public, through the centers located in each and every village. according to Certain criteria. The location is marked by the government and in Vacancies the application is called by the Government and Exam is also conducted to select the VLE. After examination rank list is published and interview is carried out to select the VLEs.

There are more than 2600 Akshaya Centers in Kerala and each and every Centers are controlled by the government for their functionality, Rate and uniformity reporting etc to become its operation is  unique and correct service is to be delivered to the public. 

Akshaya E Kendra Structure

It is under the E-governance project of Kerala Government. It is under the IT mission There is a state office situated in Thiruvananthapuram to control all the activities of the Akshaya Project and there is a Director for Akshaya Project and he is an IAS officer. There are other staffs also there to control and monitor the activities of Akshaya Centers in Kerala. The next level of the system is the District project office. There is District project office in each District to control and co-ordinate the activities of the Akshaya E Kendras in Kerala. It is under the District  e-Governance  Society and is headed by the District Collector. There are District Project Managers in each district to monitor and control the activities in District and there are Block Co- coordinators for monitoring in grass root level.

Is all the Jan Seva Kendras are Akshaya Centers or the Center by the Government.

No. The only agency who is licensed to give online service to the public is the Akshaya E Kendras in Kerala. There are so many private institutions or cafe model centers are there which are copied the Government Akshaya Project and pretending that they are online service providers. Similarly other Illegal centers are also pretending that they are also online service entities. But actually they are Illegal centers and there are no control over them by the Government. It is also identified that these centers are unauthorized and the collected data by them are not secure.

There for make sure that you are contacting or selecting Akshaya E Kendra for the Services needs. Don't be cheated by illegal service providers.

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