Apply for a Pan Card

When you apply for a Pan Card, the Aadhaar Card is  a primary need. So it is necessary to make sure that the data in Aadhar card is correct as required, because the Primary details such as Name and Date of birth should be same as in Aadhaar Card and your Application for the Pan Card other wise your application will be rejected or may be withheld for processing. In such circumstances. Your application may not be processed or further or it may be delayed indefinitely. In such cases you cannot apply for Pan Card on private cafes or by yourself. Because your application once submitted cannot be processed further more by you. You may be re apply again with same fees as earlier. It is also a vain because the above unprocessed application is block your application due to same Aadhaar Number in the new application. So my suggestion is for Pan Card Application it is better to get a service fro CSCs( Common Service Centers) Set up by Govt of India for these service types of services. In Kerala it is very easy to get these service form Akshaya E Kendra, which is are theCSCs in Kerala. to reach these services.

What are the thinks to remember before apply for a Pan Card.

When you apply for a Pan Card your application details should be correct as possible. To correct the details in Pan Card is slightly difficult. So before application it is better to check your details in Aadhar Card before Pan Card Application. briefly I explain some important think to remember before you proceed with your Pan Card application. Each and every application done now for Pan Aadhaar Linking

Your Name

Aadhar Card  should be as in as in School records. In India the official records such as Government Jobs and Education details are treated depends on his Matriculation Details or Certificate. Simply we can say SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) for students now it is very identical with their Birth Certificate. For adults it may be not exact with their Birth details. leave it there. So adult peoples can proceed with their SSLC books or School Registration Details Abstraction( Certificate form Their last attended School). Make appropriate correction in Aadhar Cards.

For those who students or youth, you should care about your Berth Certificate too. Make possible correction in School Certificate or birth certificate as your requirement. Before going to certain process like Passport, Pan Card etc. Make sure that your birth certificate and School Certificate having the same name and initial as required. But one thing is to remember that in some cases it may be written as short. That is Ram P K and Ram Puthenpura Krishnan are the same. But again look here Ram Puthepura Krishnan and Ram Puthenpurakkal Krishanan or Ram Puthanpura Krishnan are all differs. That means when there is some spelling difference is there in name it will be treated as different. So kindly consider these thinks before you put any application on line. Make use of any CSC in this regard for your better future.

Your Date of Birth

Your Date of Birth is the Key and the one and only one data which cannot be altered. It may be wrongly recorded in certain instances such as SSLC book or in Aadhaar Card etc. But the date of birth in Birth Certificate is cannot be altered why ? Because when you think that you need to edit the date of birth in your Birth certificate in Berth registration authority is to prove that you are not the person who born on that date. I think you may got the point. You cant change the date of your Birth because it happen on that date. otherwise need a re-birth. So make appropriate correction in your other certificates.

Your Address

The address of a person is only a data which can be change time to time. The address field is not a primary data in any applications. But there are two different aspects in address. One is the Permanent address and the other is the Temporary address. what are these two. That will depends on the person who considering or with the situation which we consider. but here we are not explaining these thinks but remember one think. When you register an application for pan card it will reach you by the address which you mentioned in the application. Each and every Pan Card application are treated as the address you give your permanent address and hence the Pan Card will be send to you on the address which given on application.

Again consider another think regarding your address in you Pan Card Application is that. further communication from Income Tax office is carried out in the same address which you given at the time of application unless you change the address on your Pan Card. For change your Pan Card address please contact with your nearest CSC for the service

Other Details

There are some other details also which will affect your Pan Card application, such as your Income details, Circle and Ward details are also important in your Pan Card application. These are depends upon each person who applying  and it cannot be predicted. These are given in details regarding the application and make sure these things are correctly filled in your application. For CSCs people they are well aware about it and  we are not describing here.

So you can contact your nearest CSCs for get there service for apply for Pan Card with minimal effort and clean. Do not try yourself or by other non professional service providers who give private or illegal service. It may make difficult to get the Pan Card in time. For CSCs there they have agency for processing application for the public  and they have a Dashboard to check and edit your application depends on requirement. So as far as my concern it is better to select a CSCs ( in Kerala An Akshaya E Kendra ) for avail the Pan Card Service.

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