Income tax department PAN - AADHAAR Linking time is extended to 6 months. But Aadhaar linking is mandatory for the e-filing. March 30 was the last date for link the Aadhaar number with you Pan Card number.

The Linking with Pan Card and Aadhaar Card are done in the computer using some software, not a manual activity. In technical term we can say that done between two data base. Some of the common problem with PAN - AADHAAR Linking

Pan card is issued with unique primary data as PAN Number and some basic data one is  Name and other is the Date of Birth. Each and every PAN cards are identified by the system depends upon these there values. But Aadhar is another kind of Identity which has the primary data Aadhaar Number which is unique. and with name and Date of birth.

While linking with these two, if each Name field and Date of birth field are mach with each other, the linking is done. else if there is some difference between these data. That is Name and Date of birth there is some error is shown by the PAN system because each and every linking the Pan Data base is expected to be an Exact Mach with Name and Date of birth. If it is not the result is an error.

What are the common Mistakes.

We are deals with the data base of two systems. One is the Aadhaar Data base and the other is the Pan Card database. So the following are the common mistakes showing in the Pan card and Aadhaar card linking.

The Change in Date of Birth


Difference in Name

First we want to know that the name in Pan Card may be written in short form, for example Ram P K. is an name in the Pan Card. but we cannot link this Pan Card with his Aadhaar with exact Name Ram P K. Why it happen. The reason is that The name shown in Pan Card may be differs with the exact name in the Pan Card data base. In the case of Name with initials it is always differs. Because the name in Pan Card is always in the expanded format. That is the name cannot be written as P and K in the above case. It should be written as  Ram Puthanpura Krishnan. If the expansion of P is Puthenpura and K is Krishnan. When we look on the Pan Card it may be written as Ram P K. Again consider the expansion of P and K may be differs, as Puthenpurackal or Puthenpurakkal or Puthanpurakal and so on. The K is also may be differs as with spelling. With out Identify it we cannot treat the name as Ram P K. But we can Identify the name in Pan Card. How can identify it.

 Difference in the Date of Birth

Each and every Pan Card data base is verified with the Date of Birth field in the Pan Card data base.The date of birth in the Pan Card data base is as shown on the Pan Card. But  on the Aadhaar Card, the date of birth is not written on it. instead of Date of birth only Year of birth may be written on majority of Aadhaar cards. When the date of birth field is differs, it make an error. This is a major issue in the case of Aadhaar Linking error. We do not know, what is the date of birth in the Aadhar card.

You can avail the service of Aadhar Kendra( In Kerala Akshaya E Kendra can help you to Identify the problems in your Pan and Aadhar Linking. ) for Identify and link.

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