Akshaya E Kendra is a Kerala Government Project started in Malappuram District inaugurated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam,  on November 18, 2002. More about Akshaya E Kendra are available in the Official Website http://www.akshaya.kerala.gov.in  At the starting time its main aim was to empower the public in using computer aided work by their own. For that purpose, In first phase we taught the general public in the initial stage and latter we are providing so many services to the public.

Now a days the common peoples can not think with the help of these Akshaya Centers on their day today activities, such as Electricity bill payments telephone bill payments MVD Payments, Insurance Premium Payments, Welfare Contribution of NRK, and Motor Welfare Department contributions, Avail govt certificates, application submission of students and so on.

When the computer aided service make the activities fast and accurate. But some technical and subjuct knowledge is required to handle the application and other activities. There for on each service the government provide training to the Akshaya VLEs to carried out these service with out errors.

The Government’s focus on digitization of the State has entailed a revolution in the design and operation of public services through this channels. Now almost all the services from government and Business are available from the Akshaya E Kendra through out Kerala.

In such a scenario, www.akshayasahai.com provides help for these centers in their day today activities by provide Links, News, Downloads of forms  and other services. We started our service on 2013 and pursuing or service more more and more helpful.

This service is also helpful to the public to identify the services available through the Akshaya E Kendra and the time of service starts and ends. Required documents etc The public can approach their nearest Akshaya E Kendra for the service






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